Artist Statement

Artist Statement
These are photographs and I am a fine art photographer.

Instead of being one thing and following a traditional path, my artwork is a combination of inspirations, ideas, and experiences. These simple-looking images are anything but simple. They are not Photoshop tricks and it isn’t, “amazing what digital can do”. My images are created with skills photographers have been using since the 1800’s. They don’t look like snapshots or travel photographs because instead of stopping at what a particular lens, camera, or piece of equipment does, my work is what equipment can do when influenced to perform at the fringes of its ability.

It’s about finding the character of a lens designed a century ago and using it with a camera that was science fiction in 1916. Unconventional filters, lighting or objects give my work its unique look. Some ‘salt and pepper’ is added with the computer in order to replicate the look of Fuji Velvia film; then it’s onto the next step in my process.

Similar to Japanese printmaking, I work with the same handmade paper used since the 16th century. I don’t send my images out to be printed by some stranger. Instead of woodblocks, I purchase the latest photographic inkjet printing equipment and immediately use it in ways in which it really wasn’t intended. Inspired by Japanese Shoji screens, the clear acrylic frames I designed allow light to pass through the paper at different angles so as the light changes in the room the work will change. This unique printing and mounting method allows my work an interesting presence. Depending on the angle of the light, they will glow, the images will appear different, wall color, objects in the room, and light color temperatures will affect them as if they become part of the environment they are in.

Why do I do this? Not because it’s the latest fad or copied from some other artist. It’s because my memory is like soft hazy ghosts that visit from time to time and interact with my present to remind me of lessons learned or experiences had. Photographs are like that. Like memories of the things you encounter.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it.