Artist Statement

Artist Statement
My work is my voice telling stories about the world as I see it. It is an artist’s responsibility to communicate their vision; I prefer not to let others speak for me.

I only offer a complete effort. I have captured, processed, and printed all of the work offered. The stainless steel mounts and the framing quality acrylic mounts are of my own design and are exclusively produced for my work.

First and foremost, the image is my priority. I mostly use digital photographic processes, however, my images are not “Photoshop tricks.” The aura of my work comes from physically moving myself and the camera to discover the subject. The mood comes from adjusting the exposure.

I never seem to have a specific favorite subject. I enjoy revealing lines, shapes, colors, and patterns. Straying from traditional photographic composition, I tend to follow the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. I have no interest in photographing the same genre and offering fifty different versions of it. My best work comes from unintentional discoveries that catch my interest. My images are postcards from a personal journey of how I SEE the world around me.

The distinctive look of my images is similar to Fuji Velvia film. Historic photographic processes such as tintypes, ferrotyping and ambrotypes inspire my alternative digital print methods.

Alternative printing has been around for over 150 years. In recent history and color photography these methods were generally overlooked and forgotten about. As an artist I feel it is essential to offer work with character and purpose rather than following the latest fad or gimmick.

Stainless Steel:
Used because of the shiny appearance and durability. The select images and material have a unique liveliness to them. Depending on lighting conditions and viewing angles, different characteristics seem to appear.

Rice Paper:
Purposely created to give the opposite effect of the stainless steel images. They have a soft dreamy quality that is quite calming. Mounted on clear acrylic so that they are translucent. They allow some light and wall color through the image.

Digital Ambrotypes:
These are personal. After finding a box of original Ambrotypes at an old camera store I have always wanted to print my own images on glass. The idea of removing any material influence and letting the image stand on it’s own captivates me; in particular how the image interacts with its surroundings.

“Why don’t you print photographs like everyone else?”
In fact I do offer images printed on “museum quality” fine art papers with the latest archival inks.